What is Reaprendentia?

Reaprendentia is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that specializes in Conscientiology and Education. Reaprendentia promotes educational and research activities focusing on pedagogy, parapedagogy, and reeducation.

We offer classes, lectures, and a variety of educational, cultural, and scientific events to everyone interested in studying consciousness, evolution, personal growth, personal development, paranormal phenomena, energetic balance, energetic techniques and more.

Our governing principles are: helping others (interassistantiality), respect and appreciate diversity in all its manifestations (universality), ethics that consider multiple lives and non-physical dimensions (cosmoethics), and maxi-fraternity.

We take an interactive approach and use modern teaching techniques in our classes as we explain the fundamentals of conscientiology and the science of consciousness. In the classes, we guide the participants through practical exercises, stimulating thinking beyond the established norm, and provide tools for personal experiences with non-physical dimensions.

A large part of our activities are focused around the development of conscientiology instructors, offering a 12 month training to anyone interested in becoming one. As of 2016, 200 people have been trained.

Another popular activity is to promote intellectuality through reading and discussions. To date, hundreds of people have participated in six-month-long study groups where the focus is to read and discuss a collection of books around a selected topic.

Reaprendentia is entirely volunteer-based. No one involved in the organization receives any financial benefit for their work. Any donations or money raised go directly into fulfilling the organization’s objectives.

We sincerely hope that you benefit from what we can offer and look forward to seeing you in one of our activities soon!


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What is Reaprendentia?


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