About Waldo Vieira

Waldo Vieira was born in Monte Carmelo, Brazil on April 12, 1932. Throughout his life, Vieira reached many important accomplishments. Among them was the proposal of two new sciences: Conscientiology and Projectiology, as well as additional 40+ specialties. He founded several research and educational institutions, such as e.g. the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC) which is one of the most respected educational non-profit institutions in Brazil, and Reaprendentia which is an international conscientiological organization for the education and development of conscientiology instructors around the world.

He was a physician, dentist, parapsychic, medium, lexicographer and author of more than 50 books in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Waldo presented psychic abilities and started having lucid out of body experiences as a young child. As he was a lucid traveler at an early age, he managed to gather a tremendous amounts of information concerning what happens when we sleep. He pondered questions like is there life after life? Is there more to our lives? He drew on his own experiences, gathering data and developing techniques to assist any person interested in answering these questions.

Waldo Vieira spent the last 14 years of his life in Iguassu Falls, Brazil, where he helped to build a large scientific community dedicated to the studies of the consciousness. One of the main institutions where the campus is located is called: CHSC – Center for Higher Studies of Consciousness.

During his time in Iguassu Falls, Waldo held free, daily 3-hour courses called Tertulias. Most of the tertulias are available online at www.tertuliaconscienciologia.org. Waldo himself was available online and in person to help, assist, answer questions and debate whatever topic the audience wanted. He was a gentleman, a friend to many, a person to whom people would turn for support and ideas.

He built a large public library on CHSC, called Holotheca where you will find tens of thousands of items, mostly donated by him. There he also found inspiration to write some of his best works. Waldo spent many hours in the Holocycle every day not only researching, writing, and creating new theories on consciousnesses, but also helping other to become better researchers.

Waldo was the leading researcher for the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology which is currently only available in Portuguese. The encyclopedia opened a series of doors for many other researchers to write numerous other books, papers and articles.

Throughout his life, Waldo inspired thousands of people across the globe with his charisma, intellect, and his unique and challenging ideas. He travelled the world, giving free lectures, courses and speaking at other events, presenting his ideas to anyone interested in doing “self-research”. Self-research is one of the main pillars of his philosophy, where one needs to understand his or her own world first, before being able to help others.

One of the common sentences that Waldo proposed many decades ago is “Don’t believe in anything, experiment, have your own experiences”. This truly represented him. He was not a believer, he did not want people to just believe him. Instead he liked to be challenged, and to challenge, everyone, every day of this life.

The way he looks? He once said: I want to look completely different from everybody else, that way people will remember me for me. Looks aside, his way of talking and his ideas are today being spread around the world. He left a tremendous legacy to all of us, a legacy of a science to research consciousness.

Every time you see the word Conscientiology, or Projectiology, remember Mr. Waldo Vieira. This is his legacy.


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