Have you ever seen a Ghost?

There’s one certainty in life, we are all going to die one day. So what happens to all of us after this life? The theories are endless. From a simple answer such as: we are going to disappear and the existence is ceased, to more elaborated answers: heaven or life continues in other forms. If we want to know if ghosts are real, we need to establish a first parameter, that there must be life after this life, otherwise we would not have any possibility of contacting people that have already died. So there’s some sort of a continuation of life.

Conscientiology and Projectiology, sciences proposed by Brazilian researcher Waldo Vieira, offers the analysis of our current life via a multidimensional view, where us as human beings can interact with other dimensions when we have paranormal phenomena such as out-of-body experiences or astral travel, or clairvoyance. So one way of actually have direct contact with people that have already passed away is via psychic abilities.

Some people state that they have seeing relatives, friends, people, that already passed away. These encounters are characterized by:

  • Simply seeing someone
  • Seeing and listening a message that they have to say
  • Seeing and talking to them
  • Seeing a scene from the current moment of their existence after life
  • Lucid dreams with relative

As you can see from above, you might find different interactions, but in any of these interactions one thing is certain, the person that saw this friend or relative, is sure of that occurrence. There’s no doubt, and please do not try to convince them otherwise, they will not like it!

Once teaching a class in Miami, I met a girl that arrived in her first lecture, and she called my attention since she looked extremely suspicious about me and what I was saying. At the end of the lecture, she came to me and said: Do you know why I am here?

And she started saying: I am here because I saw the ghost of my grandfather, and he was there in my bedroom, and asking me to find out for information on out of body experience. But she complemented: the most interesting thing is that he woke me up during the night by holding my arm the way that he always did, so that’s why I am here.

This girl was one of the examples that I have met, where by people that did not believe in any non-physical realities started studying because they have personal experiences, and beyond that, experiences that they are certain that it really happened.

There are several cases in history of people that have seeing ghosts, from presidents, famous actors, to personal friends. But there’s also a fearful group of emotions, maybe because of some literature or movies, most of the time when people talk about ghosts this subject is avoided because of the uncertainty related to this topic. Are these people good or bad, why they are here, what they want, so there are many questions, but not that many answers.

In conscientiology, the most important thing is that we all should have personal experiences in order to understand, and at the end to believe or not. Without the personal experiences it is very difficult to find out if ghosts exist or not, if life after life exists or not, if bioenergies are real or not. The challenge that we all have is to be able to experience all these realities and have personal analysis and conclusions.

Personal psychic experiences are developed by a series of techniques, exercises and studies. So it starts thru knowledge until we are able to apply the information into practice. Exercises with bioenergies are the quickest ways for any of us to develop clairvoyance and to be able to see non-physical realities such as ghosts.

So finally, are ghosts real? Based on conscientiology principles the answer is yes, and the consciousness survives death and life continues after this dimension.

But something proposed in conscientiology is to change the name from ghost to extraphysical consciousness, this way the heaviness from previous understandings, of the word ghost is substitute for something much simpler, meaning, when we die we continue existing and the only difference from this life that we will no longer have the physical body, but our lucidity, memory, knowledge, experiences go with us, so that’s why we recognize each other when we have a contact with people that have already passed away.

So we are the future ghosts of this planet, or better, non-physical consciousness!