Reaprendentia offers a wide range of classes. The best place to start if you would like to learn the fundamentals of conscientiology is the course Fundamentals of Consciousness Evolution, the FCE.

If you have already attendeded conscientiology courses and your interest is training to be a conscientiology instructor have a look at the Conscientiology Instructor Development Course, the CIDC. This course is also recommended if you already teach conscientiology and would like to develop teaching skills in the conscientiology context.

For intellectuality development and fascinating debates drawing parallels between classic ideas and the consciential paradigm, look for the Erudition Acceleration Program, the EAP.

We offer courses via internet and in a few cities around the globe. If you have a group in your area that would be interested in any of our classes, please contact us.

Click here for our schedule of events in English. For events in other languages, switch the language of the site on the top-right corner of this page.

Make sure you also check events promoted by other UNICIN-affiliated conscientiology organizations, you can find the complete list at the ISICons website. Additionally, we often post information about conscientiology events in our Facebook page.

Conscientiology is a science of consciousness, and it aims at understanding the evolution of consciousness across many lives and many dimensions.

Do not believe in anything.
Have your own experiences.