Do energy fields impact us?

Bioenergy is a natural, abundant and subtle form of energy present in all environments. It goes past the list of current magnetic (magnets, electromagnets), kinetic (generated by moving objects), heat (thermal energy), light (radiant energy), gravitational potential (stored in raised objects), chemical (fuel, foods, batteries), sound (released in vibrating objects), electrical (moving or static electric charges), elastic potential (stored in stretched or squashed objects) and nuclear energies (stored in the nuclei of atoms).

It is rather associated to non-physical dimensions. At this moment, still a machine does not record this category of energy. However, it turns out to be clearly perceptible once we allow ourselves to be in a more relaxed, serene and focused state of mind.

You may be able to recognize an energy field or energetic wave by noticing changes in one or more of these areas:

–        Physical: sensation of pressure, movement or ballooning in specific areas of the physiological body. Some of the common being top of the head, forehead, heart, neck, throat, stomach, hands or feet. You may also recognize it as headache, stomachache, feeling nauseous when in contact with a toxic field. Or else an alert mental state, expansion of consciousness, increased lucidity once connected to a healthier field.

–        Emotional: sudden change in mood for instance feeling annoyed or sudden becoming hostile without a motive, if the wave of energies around is unbalanced. Alternatively, you may feel a considerably remarkable wellbeing sensation if the field quality indicates higher standards, let us say harmony and equilibrium.

–        Energetic/non-physical: paranormal perception such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, energy showers, sensation of electrical current or air breeze moving through your body. Specific chakras in movement. It can also be spot as an insight, intuition or gut feeling. Depending on the pattern of the energies, you may perceive it as a disruption or enhancement of a positive atmosphere.

To understand the nature of our manifestation in multiple dimensions, beyond the human body only, the concept and mechanics of Thosene comes in handy. In its essence, it refers to a unit of manifestation for all of us that comprises the fusion of thoughts, sentiments and/or emotions in addition to energy.

Every time we think (idea) there is an emotional component (sentiment or emotion) associated to it, in addition to a certain quantity of energy. All three elements travelling together form what Dr. Waldo Vieira has proposed as “thosene”. You may also refer to an article dedicated to thosene entirely to deepen the understanding of this idea.

Back to energy fields, a cluster of similar energy fields builds the essence of what we call Holothosene, a collection of numerous related Thosenes (thought + sentiment and/or emotion + energy).

Combining comparable energies intensify even further the main characteristics of the formed field. It highlights specific thoughts or sentiment/emotions over others. That particular energy echoes and becomes accessible to all of those in affinity with it, despite physical distance or dimension of manifestation of the consciousness (physical or non-physical / astral).

Holothosenes propagate in space as a wide field for anyone to perceive. Once in contact with a field of energies we may simply notice it and feel no connection, allowing those energies to go away. Or else, we may feel impacted and connected, in resonance with the field. That is when it may alter our inner state and affect our actions, thoughts and emotions.

Just to name a few types of holothosenes, one may start experiencing a sense of belligerence, hostility, resentment, animosity, sadness, sorrow, melancholy, despair. On the other hand, it is also applicable to more constructive holothosenes such fraternal love, respect, contentment, gratitude, fulfillment, self-confidence, enjoyment, inspiration, mental clarity.

Regardless of our level of awareness or the lack of it in tracking holothosenes, an energy field or energetic wave may often times be robust and durable enough to have a direct impact on our personal thoughts, emotions and behavior. In a small or big scale, energy fields frequently end up affecting our individual thosenes (Thoughts + Sentiments and/or Emotions + Energies).

Some fields are not so resilient and can be easily dissipated. Those may have a shallow effect on us. Anything from a headache to brief minor ailment or emotional shift. Others may have been in place for longer period and are almost solid, with a clearly more substantial effect over not lucid individuals in contact with it. Puncturing its roots deeper down to a point of persuading one’s mindless preferences and behavior.

With automatic retro-feedback and inertia characteristic of any energy field, it becomes likely for a holothosene to reinforce itself so to produce a natural pressure on inattentive individuals. It then come to be Holothosenic Pressure.

Considering ourselves as old souls, multi-millenary consciousnesses able to manifest further than the 5 basic senses of human body, the impact of energy fields is seen in our actions also. The more aware we are, the less we will permit unsuitable holothosenes to infiltrate our own fields. If rather we remain unmindful and consequently not in charge of our own decisions, that blend with unbalanced energies may result in different levels of toxic outcomes.

–        Shopping experience. Only by entering a retail store, it is possible to identify the quality of its energy field. It is common to feel energetic pressure to buy and overspend desperately as we can see on “black Friday” madness. Going to the supermarket with a list of items to buy and get a considerably different bag of groceries bought is another example of how holothosenic pressure may affect our actions.

–        Directions in life. Which profession to follow. How to support oneself financially. Elections concerning marriage, raising or not children. Better use of our individual talents for a greater good. Administration of personal resources, opportunities to pursue or let go. Many of those significant choices will ultimately make our life in harmony with our essence or absolutely out of track.

Maybe allowing ourselves to go with the energy flow on a music concert could be pleasant and even a positive holothosene experience for some. Nevertheless, not to be aware of making poor choices because we are under the pressure of certain fields of unbalanced energies can generate unhappy and unhealthy outcomes.

It does not seem wise and productive to allow external energies or holothosenic pressure of any kind to influence our decisions and ultimately shape who we are. As part of nature, our system of energy (energosoma) is connection with plants, animals, all living beings and the whole cosmos, including non-physical dimensions.

The exchange of energies with all other consciousness and environments is an ordinary part of us. Some try to close themselves up in a protective and fearful attitude towards external energies. Spending time, effort to maintain a fictitious isolated bubble in search for eternal illumination of their soul.

A few points to consider when acting on this immature model: most likely we are not able to keep that isolation throughout time. In addition, by not being able to manage and control our own energies in different situations and environments, we become rather weak and unprepared for life events.

Not to mention the fact that we may be losing the opportunity to interact with much better and advanced energies than our own. Remember we are still not the benchmark for the highest quality of energies in the entire universe. We would certainly learn and develop ourselves further if dealing with all levels of energies.

It is possible to navigate thru the vast sea of energy fields around us with awareness and balance. Even more than that, it is possible to improve the average quality of our energies to a point where we end up sharing it with others in a fraternal way, donating assistantial energies.

It is definitely a useful approach to learn how to manage and control our individual fields (chakras, energosoma). Energy fields, as part of our existence, are not to be feared, but rather great opportunities for us to interact lucidly with energies on our surroundings and from non-physical dimensions, stimulating health and promoting better quality of life.