This program presents fundamental concepts of conscientiology – a neoscience of consciousness – with practical examples and techniques to promote personal experiences with non-physical dimensions.

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the FCP program are:

  1. To offer a theoretical foundation on conscientiology;
  2. To explain how to apply this foundation in practice, in your own individual context, without mysticism;
  3. To explain psychic phenomena and how they relate to consciousness evolution;
  4. To explain techniques for psychic development and promote personal experiences with other dimensions in practical exercises;
  5. To encourage the participant to apply the disbelief principle while accumulating experiences with non-physical dimension;

What to expect

This is a 40-hour course that has lectures interwoven with debates and questions from participants and practical exercises.

Generally speaking, we have more to say on each class than the time allows so the instructor will spend more time in areas where the participants expressed interest. Questions are welcome at any time.

The method “learn by doing” is used for all practical energy exercises, clairvoyance techniques, and out-of-body experience workshops. The instructor starts by explaining the technique to be applied. After you try the technique and share your experiences the instructor provides specific guidance to help you with your next step.

Because we are non-profit and volunteer-based we can afford to run classes with smaller groups, which allows for more individualized attention than in courses with hundreds of people.

We receive a variety of people with several backgrounds in the FCE, from individuals that just started to learn about spiritual topics to people that have been working with consciousness studies full time for decades. In our experience, the techniques and detailed theoretical framework presented in the FCE help individuals in various places in their learning path.

A strong-trait based approach is used to build a harmonious and cooperative classroom environment.

Why we think you should participate

The FCE is a tool for those who want to explore questions like:

  1. What are we doing in this life?
  2. Can I have objective experiences with non-physical dimensions?
  3. Is there a purpose to our existence?
  4. Is there a more lucid way to live?
  5. When, how, and how much should I help others?
  6. How can I be more objective in researching my own traits?

You will learn about the consciential paradigm, a theoretical basis to understanding the world beyond the physical dimension. In this paradigm, each of us is a consciousness that has multiple bodies, has lived and will live multiple lives, and can interact with extraphysical energies and in multiple dimensions.

You will also apply techniques to produce first-hand experiences to validate the consciential paradigm. The FCE is intended to equip you with tools to research yourself, the extraphysical dimensions, and to get a better understanding of the “why and how” of everything that happens around you.

Each of us is a micro-universe with thousands of traits and characteristics and we evolve through multiple lives. Cause and effect can span thousands of years so the concept of karma and cosmoethics will also be presented, along with its effects on the evolution of the consciousness. You will learn and discuss strategies for problem solving with this new mindset.

Reaprendentia is particularly interested in the disbelief principle, so a big emphasis in applying the theory in practice and verify each hypothesis in your own context. The FCE dynamics reflects that approach.

About the instructors

All FCE instructors go through a ten-month training program from Reaprendentia, aimed at deepening the theoretical and practical understanding of conscientiology.

Courses are typically conducted by multiple instructors, which contribute to a better level of rapport with individual students and bring a diversity of life experiences, background, personal examples, research interests, and conscientiology specialties to the classroom.

All courses in the US include the participation of at least two instructors with 20 years or more of experience. Several FCE instructors have experience teaching in multiple countries, can teach in two or more languages, and have attended 100 hours or more of classes from other instructors, including from the leading researcher Waldo Vieira.

All instructors teaching US-based classes received training from multiple UNICIN-affiliated organizations and interact frequently with conscientiology researchers from the International Cosmoethical Conscientiological Community – ICCC. UNICIN is the Union of Conscientiocentric Organizations, an organization that facilitates cooperation and promotes quality of conscientiology teaching.


While testimonials are almost cliché on the internet, we should say we are proud to share some statements from participants of Reaprendentia courses. We are pleased to say that a big percentage of course participants are referred by friends.

Course Formats

You can attend the FCE in two basic modes: in-classroom and hybrid.

With the in-classroom format, all participants and the instructor are on the same room during the class.

The hybrid format has some activities where everyone is in the same room and some where the instructor and the participants interact with audio and video over the internet. A good internet connection and a video-chat capable computer is necessary in this format. You will also need a headset and a quiet room from where you can attend the online class without being disturbed.

Why we offer this course

We are idealists and have seen the benefits of this neoscience of consciousness first hand. Every Reaprendentia volunteer has attended the FCE or equivalent course at some point and understand the difference it made in their lives. Helping to organize such courses is a way to give back. Reaprendentia is a non-profit organization and FCE instructors and volunteers do not benefit financially from their participation in the courses.

Course contents

The summarized list of topics covered by the Fundamentals on Consciousness Evolution are below:

Class 1: The wider context of consciousness studies

Class 2: Bioenergetics

Class 3: Multidimensionality

Class 4: Out-of-body experiences

Class 5: Mentalsoma and evolution

Class 6: Learn and apply an OBE technique

Class 7: Evolutionary traits

Class 8: Evolutionary levels

Class 9: Self-research and conscientiogram

Class 10: Learn and apply an OBE technique

Class 11: Existential series.

Class 12: Learn and apply an OBE technique

Class 13: Scientific research in conscientiology

Class 14: Learn and apply an OBE technique

Class 15: Conscientiology leading-edge topics

Class 16: Learn and apply an OBE technique