Course Duration. The Conscientiology Fundamentals is the first course most of our students enroll in since there are no prerequisites. This program contains 20 theoretical and practical classes, focusing on the fundamentals concepts, theories, and methodologies of this science. Each class lengths 2h30min, with a total of 50 hours per course. 

Active Methodology.  In this course, the content is presented using analysis, questioning, examples, and practical life experiences. Thus the neo-concepts and neo-ideas are presented but simultaneously debated among instructors and students, aiming for a systemic thinking approach with a critical and reflective learning process.  

Practical Techniques.  In each class the participant will have the opportunity to join energetic activities, that would assist with the development of energetic self-defense and interassistantial parasychism.

Distance Learning. Besides the in-person, classroom-based classes, students can join the online version of this course. In the distance modality, in addition to the 50 hours of theoretical classes, it is offered additionally an Energy Practices Laboratory of 10 hours. This laboratory offers practical energetic activities, so participants have the opportunity to try different technics for parapsychic development. For more information please click here: Fundamentals Online.

Diploma. Offered since 2015, the Conscientiology Fundamentals is certified by UNICIN – Union of the International Conscientiocentric Institution since 2018. UNICIN is governed by its specific statute and relevant legal rules, to promote and integrate the International Conscientiology Community, maintaining the basic principles of the conscientiology, and its specialties. 

Start your self-research by becoming the leader of your evolution, joins us on the next Conscientiology Fundamentals!

Course main topics:

– Bioenergies
– Parapsychic phenomena
– Out-of-body experiences
– Self-knowledge
– Life purpose and planning
– Personal reeducation
– Evolutionary priorities
– Assistantial techniques
– Consciousness evolution
– Quality of life
– Evolutionary autonomy
– Healthy conviviality

Class 1 – Human Knowledge Evolution

Class 2 – Conscientiology Panorama

Class 3 – Holossomatology

Class 4 – Bioenergetic Self-Control

Class 5  – Paraphenomenology 

Class 6 – Laboratory of Energetic Techniques

Class 7 – Multidimensionality

Class 8 – Projectiology

Class 9 – Interassistentiality

Class 10 – Interassistential Techniques

Class 11 – Self-research

Class 12 – Video Class

Class 13 – Evolutionary Prioritizations

Class 14 – Laboratory for Helper contact

Class 15 – Holokarmalogy

Class 16 – Serenology

Class 17 – Intermissive Course

Class 18 – Existential Program

Class 19 – Evolutionary Autonomy

Class 20 – Consciential Self-reeducation

*Course is free for retakers. 

Information and Registration:
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Style: In-person and online
Length: 50 hours
Periodicity: 3 times per year

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