This is a very good question.

First, we need to define what a helper is.

A helper is a type of consciousness that aims to assist, support, help, guide, inspire, lead, and cooperate with others, using a higher quality of thoughts, sentiments and energies (or thosenes). Helpers are consciousnesses who prioritize their self-evolution, self-improvement and betterment in order to be ready and available to support people’s needs, lives and evolution.

Helpers are not usually in this, our physical dimension. For that reason, when studying Projectiology (the science that studies Projection of the Consciousness and Bioenergies) we use the term extraphysical to refer to a place that is not in this dimension. The extraphysical dimension is hence a non-physical one, and people who are currently in between physical lives exist there. Helpers are usually considered to be extraphysical consciousnesses.

As the helpers are usually non-physical, we might not see or hear them. But people might mention that they feel somebody helping them, that they were inspired by an invisible force, or maybe that they had a dream about someone who was guiding them.

Throughout history, we can see the idea of a Helper being described in diverse cultures as e.g. guardian angels, protective spirits, spiritual guides, spiritual leaders, guides, lucid guides, higher presence, invisible force, invisible friend, invisible guide etc.

Conscientiology puts forward that everyone, regardless of dimension, is evolving. One way or another we are all here to evolve and evolution starts by you helping yourself first, and then you help others.

So, how can I contact my guardian angel?

Presuming that our thoughts, sentiments and energies (thosenes) are the link between consciousnesses, if we tune in on the level of thosenes of a helper we might have a good chance of connecting to them. Let’s try it.

What is the aim of a helper? Helpers aim to help, to support the evolution, lives and goals of other consciousnesses. Consequently, one way for us to contact our guardian angel or helper is to be more assistantial and available to help others. As a mathematical karmic process, if you help others you will have helpers helping you.

Another way to communicate with a guardian angel is to show them that you need their help and that you are available to receive their assistance. With that in mind, when you have a problem or an issue that you need help with, go to your room and lay down on the bed, relax, breathe deeply a couple of times, and focus on your helper or meditate on your guardian angel.

Call them by telling them mentally how you are feeling and what you need. Remember that guardian angels are devoted friends, they are the epitome of friendship. Be yourself, be open with your worries, anxieties, doubts, questions and fears.

Pay attention to any kind of inspiration, thoughts, new ideas (even seemingly crazy ones) that come to you. Pay attention to all your thoughts and see if you can discriminate if a thought originating from you or not. When you have done this exercise, be sure to note down your experience and any ideas that might have come up. Repeat this exercise as often as possible. With time, you will see results!

Another aspect of this non-physical communication is when your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you, when they are trying to tell you something, to guide or protect you. In this case, there are several ways in which your helper tries to communicate or talk to you. For example:

  1. Intuition: they try to send ideas to us via intuition. They inspire us by providing sudden, unique ideas or different perspectives. Pay attention to your thoughts and intuitions, it can often be your inspiration from your guide. Intuition can at come at any time. It can be when you’re thinking about your problems while taking a shower, outside gardening, walking or watching TV. Anytime is a good time for the helpers to communicate with you.
  2. Dreams: because helpers are not in the intraphysical dimension, our relationship with them is often limited to moments where we are relaxed, asleep or dreaming. Guardian angels can use dreams to communicate ideas to us, so that we can reflect and maybe consider them before making decisions. When you have a dream that is more “real” or more logical, make a note and meditate over the results or contents of the dream. It might be your guardian angel trying to tell you something.
  3. Out of Body Experience (OBE): helpers often use out-of-body experiences or projections of the consciousness to communicate with us. This is a more direct way of communicating, simply because when we are projected outside our physical body we can see the helper directly. We see them and  they see us, so we can talk, listen, debate, discuss with them and we get a better understanding of why we are going through things. The OBE is a vehicle to expand our lucidity and self-knowledge, we gain understanding about our lives and relationships. OBEs can also help us to demystify the helper, we can understand that they are also consciousnesses who are evolving. At the moment they are simply more of a teacher where we are concerned.
  4. Clairvoyance: many people say that they see angels in various occasions e.g. when they’re at home or out walking. This is a paranormal phenomenon called Clairvoyance i.e. when you see the non-physical dimension while you’re still present in this physical dimension. Helpers might use the clairvoyance to show themselves and communicate with us.

Regardless of the way in which the guardian angels are trying to communicate with us the goal is the same; to help us to evolve, to help us suffer less by providing knowledge, relevant information and ideas to support our decisions.

So, if you want to contact your helper, try and be present, be available, be truthful and connect with positive and assistantial thosenes. If the guardian angels are trying to communicate with you, simply try to pay attention to your life. The helpers might use a series of processes to convey ideas to you in order to alleviate any anxiety or to provide you with good energies so that you can think more clearly and react better to your life and your evolution.

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