There are many ways to develop our psychic abilities. Reaprendentia holds classes, laboratories and workshops in their offices located around the world. We start by studying Projectiology, a sub-discipline of Conscientiology, which studies projections of the consciousness and bioenergies.

Projectiology studies all kinds of paranormal phenomena and psychic abilities. The Book Projectiology, written by Waldo Vieira (available for free download), is the most comprehensive book and treatise on how to develop and better understand bioenergies, out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and psychic abilities. It presents a well detailed and in-depth analysis of many relevant psychic topics and provides a series of techniques for one to develop out-of-body experiences.

Reaprendentia’s teaching method and learning is based on the Projectiology book and many other conscientiological publications, as well as more than 40 years’ experience of the development of these sciences.

So, how can we develop our psychic abilities?


Our understanding is that bioenergy is the main tool to develop and improve our psychic abilities. We can find bioenergies in any part of this planet, and we call them immanent energies.

Immanent energies are energies in nature such as e.g. in waterfalls, oceans, the air, ground, plants, forests, flowers, lava, and the universe.

When you go to the beach, take off your shoes, sink your feet into the sand and dive into the water, you are spontaneously and naturally absorbing the energies. We could say that you recharge your batteries! When you absorb immanent energies, they become part of your own energies.

You absorb them constantly; when you breathe, eat, drink, or walk on this planet, you are absorbing immanent energies. Immanent energies are pure, they are produced and maintained by the natural system of this planet and cosmos, and available to all of us. We interact with these energies from the moment we’re born.

Now, there is a different type of bioenergy which is called consciential energy. Consciential energies are energies that belong to consciousnesses.

We are consciousnesses. When we absorb bioenergies, we infuse and transform these energies with our thoughts, ideas, sentiments and emotions. We produce thoughts, sentiments and emotions, and this information changes the immanent energies so that they become unique to us, exclusive to our personal characteristics, personality and behavior.

Why are bioenergies important for the development of psychic abilities? Bioenergies are the tools, vehicles or mechanisms that make psychic abilities possible in the first place. Let’s make an analogy; to prepare a cake, you need a type of flour.

The energy is the flour to our psychic abilities. And the consciential and immanent energies are the different types of flour that allows us to develop any kind of psychic ability. Energies are the engine behind our psychic abilities.

If we learn how to control and improve our bioenergies, we will naturally become more parapsychic or psychic, and develop all sorts of paranormal phenomena such as e.g. intuition, astral travelling, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition and others.

Vibrational State

So, bioenergy is the tool that provides the ignition for psychic processes. Now we need to learn how to control our energies, to develop psychic abilities.

One of the main techniques presented in any Reaprendentia class as well as in the Projectiology book is called Vibrational State (VS).

This is a technique that was proposed by Waldo Vieira during the 1970’s and today many people around the world use this technique to improve their energetic system, and to develop their psychic abilities.

We strongly recommend that you join one of our classes to properly learn how to develop the Vibrational State, but here is a step by step process for you to start with at home:

  1. Turn off your phone, close the door, find a peaceful and calm place for you to practice the technique for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position on a chair or lay down on your bed. Try to find a good position where you avoid moving your psychical body too much.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Take a couple of deep breaths to relax your muscles and your mind.
  5. Focus on yourself, pay attention to the psychical sensations in your body, and try to relax.
  6. Without using imagination or visualization, give a mental command to your energies to move to the top of your head. Simply by saying to yourself that the energies are at the top of your head, the energy naturally moves to that area. We might not feel them, but it does not mean that the energies are not going there. Give couple of minutes for you to focus on this initial step.
  7. Give another mental command for the energies to move throughout your body towards your feet, and then concentrate on your feet. Give couples of minutes for you to focus on sending the energies to our feet.
  8. Now, control your energies by using your willpower and start moving the energies from your feet to your head and from your head to your feet. Use a vertical movement that is happening mainly inside your body. The energies are moving now from your head to your feet, from your fee to your head, and you are in control. Avoid focusing on other thoughts besides this vertical energetic movement.
  9. After another couple of minutes, start increasing the amount and speeding up the movement of your energies. Again, use your willpower and decision to control the speed and movement of your energies.
  10. Maintain this movement for 5 minutes or so, increasing the intensity will lead you to the vibrational state.

The vibrational state is the intense movement of energies provoked by the willpower of the consciousness. There are many benefits to the vibrational state, but the one that it relates to in this article is the development of psychic abilities.

The more you control the vibrational state, the more you will increase your psychic abilities. The reason why this happens is because your chakras and energetic system will be healthier, open and stronger so your intuition, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities will naturally become part of your routine.

Again, in order to get the proper training, we would like to recommend to anyone willing to practice the vibrational state to attend one of Reaprendentia’s classes, either live or online.


Your psychic abilities are also related to your level of discernment. Discernment is your capacity to accurately understand and judge what is happening with you.

For example, you had an intuition but you are not sure how to understand or interpret it, by applying your discernment you can de-mystify and clarify the paranormal phenomena.

The more you understand, research and comprehend psychic abilities and psychic phenomena, the more you will be able to handle them when they happen.

Knowledge is power. So a tip is to read, study, research and join classes. This will help you develop what we in Conscientiology call your “evolutionary intelligence”.

The evolutionary intelligence replaces any doubts, questions, uncertainties, and even incoherencies through increased knowledge and self-knowledge. The knowledge that we are a consciousness, temporarily using this physical body to interact with different energetic fields and consciousness, with the purpose to evolve.

Disbelief Principle

Discernment requires the disbelief principle. Open your mind to your own, personal and unique paranormal experiences. Do not blindly believe, but instead think and reflect. Have your own experiences and use your personal discernment to judge and evaluate what happened to you.

We may use other people’s opinions and ideas to understand our psychic abilities, but at the end of the day, you are the person who will conclude what really happened.

This is not easy. For over 40 years Waldo Vieira constantly repeated the phrase: Do not believe in anything, experiment, have your own experiences.

In many classes from the Conscientiology community you will see this phrase on the wall, reminding students to not believe in anything, but motivating everyone to develop their discernment, decide, and take actions.

Living a life free from others people’s judgements is a major challenge. Sometimes we need to go against people that we like, ideas that we treasured for so long and principles that affect most of our society in order to understand and utilize new experiences that come from our psychic abilities.

Try to advance your ethics to include cause and effect in multiple dimensions, use your discernment, work with your bioenergies and vibrational state, and naturally your psychic abilities will improve and increase. We are here to help you! Just send us an email if you need any further information.

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