How many hours per day do you spend in the workplace? Eight hours? Nine hours? Twelve hours? Some of us could spend half of a 24-hour day between working, preparing to go to work, on our way to work or thinking about work. Working is a huge part of our lives.

We have an energy body, the energosoma, that interacts with the energies of people we meet and places we go. The amount of waking life time we spend at work is significant no matter how we calculate it. We can ask a few questions based on this: how are those energies from work affecting me? How am I affecting those energies? Are there any groupkarmic connections that I should focus on? What can I learn from that environment? Who are the people that I can assist, from the consciousness evolution perspective?

The quality of the energetic environment around us while working brings consequences to our health, humor, relationships, and productivity.

Projectiology, the science that studies projection of the consciousness (out-of-body experiences, astral traveling) separates energies in two basic categories: immanent energies and consciential energies.

Immanent energies are those from nature itself: the energy from earth (geoenergy), from plants (phytoenergy toenergy), from the air (prana, or aeroenergy), and from the water (hydroenergy), for example.

Consciential energies contain thoughts and sentiments produced by people (or consciousnesses). This is the type of energies that we encounter more frequently in workplaces. This energy is an amalgam of thoughts and sentiments from everyone that works and visits that location.

The main objectives of the company as well as the type of product, service or ideas produced and traded have a big influence in the energy environment at the workplace. Owners and investors can also bring energies and extraphysical consciousnesses to the mix, even when they are not physically present every day. The actual values applied by those who conduct the work are also an indicator. Those are not the idealized or target values printed on paper or painted on wall, but the actual values that drive decisions from individuals, good or bad.

If your goal is to become stronger energetically speaking in your workplace, the first step is to understand the pattern, quality, and type of consciential energies that surrounds you. Invest on gathering knowledge about this, do your research! Knowing the average type of consciential energies you have in your work place is the first step to strengthen your own energies.

A powerful energetic technique that you can use to improve your own energies and improve your surroundings at workplace is the vibrational state. Please refer to the vibrational state article in this website to obtain more information. This is a simple technique that can be practiced by anyone, there is no need for elaborate theory or guidance, just your own decision to get there, will power, and a little persistence.

The Vibrational state can give you a baseline reading and show you how you feel without the influence of the energies from your workplace. It can also be used as a tool to disconnect energetically from people after a contentious meeting and to get rid of remnants of an interaction that was unpleasant or negative.

By applying the Vibrational State during your work day you can fortify yourself and be in a position to improve the environment around you.

There are other aspects that you might like to pay attention to. Sometimes one person in the workplace is responsible for most of the low quality of energies that affects everyone. Observe who is this person, and why he or she is causing this disturbance.

If you feel that you are well balanced to help this person, a good conversation during lunch time might help you to deepen your understanding of why this person is behaving the way that it is and if there’s anything you can do to help.

In many cases, informing the person that he or she is affecting you and others, directly to the person, without other people around, and with good energies and intentions, might be all that the person needs to be more aware of its own reality. Help your colleagues to be more lucid and aware of the effects of their behaviors.

People often compare the workplace to a big family. In conscientiological terms, people at our work place belong to our groupkarma, an extended evolutionary family that each consciousness is part of. Karma is a cause and effect force that brings together people that have made mistakes involving two or more people. It is only natural that the we would find people brought together by karmic forces in the workplace.

Every person has its own problems, challenges, and blind spots, and evolution means improving ourselves over many lifetimes. It is likely that we have met most of the people at work in previous lives, and that we already know them for many lives! So, forced interaction at work may be a chance to renew and improve the relationship with that consciousness, and have that reflected in the energies by helping them with anything that they need.

Contrary to what many people believe, suffering does not resolve a karmic link. From the evolutionary perspective, it is more productive to think in terms of who is providing help and who is being helped. Forgiving is productive, but helping to the other person is more powerful.

With that in mind, “be assistantial in your workplace” is a great advice. Think that people should come first and that work comes second. Help your colleagues with their work, help them succeed, help them shine. Put others before you, and you will see a tremendous shift within your workplace. This will require effort from you and will likely push you outside your comfort zone. You may need to learn more, learn faster, and to stay updated in your profession so you are in a strong position, from where you can help.

People follow good examples and will notice if your attitude is more stable and your actions are more positive and harmonious. Some will value and respect this practical example and, over time, change their own ways.

The pattern of consciential energies can inspire others, it has a  “contagious” nature, and attracts people that have affinity with that pattern. Improving the overall quality of the energies within the workplace has the potential to produce  a positive upward spiral.

Small steps and constant perseverance towards a better environment it is the formula to see real results within your workplace. There’s no instant miracle, we rarely see huge instant shifts in people’s behavior that survive the test of time. And if you need to stay in a specific company or organization, maintain a positive and realistic attitude, do your research, help your colleagues, work to improve your own energies and perspective towards others, and you are on your way to have a better place to work. Reaprendentia is a non-profit organization managed and supported by volunteers. We offer information, courses, and workshops aimed at promoting personal experiences with non-physical realities and personal growth through learning. Stay in contact by signing up to our newsletter. We offer free lectures and courses regularly in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Sign up to our newsletter to know about courses in your area and be the first to know when articles are published.


Photo by Simon Abras.