The Personal Energetic Task

We can often be touched and feel sad when other people around us have problems. Maybe it’s our loved ones, family, relatives, friends, people we know and people we don’t know who need assistance or help. This feeling and willingness to do something, to try and help them, whoever they are, is a pretty good sign that you are an assistantial person.

This is a skill that is of utmost importance in our life and in our evolutionary process. The ones who are used to do it know that helping a consciousness in need brings us good, positive feelings which can’t be achieved by any other means. We realize that helping others is one of the most satisfactory actions we can perform in life.

So, assistance is good, or rather it’s great. But what if I want to assist people that are in Africa, for instance, or other places far away from me? What can I do if I can’t afford to donate money for instance? Are there other ways to assist them?

The good news is: yes, it’s possible to assist people with your own energies, through the permanent energetic task, or penta for short.

PENTA: Personal Energetic Task

Penta is a multidimensional, daily, personal, energetic task that consists of a technical transmission of consciential energies (CE) from a person, assisted by helpers, directly to other people, in any place or dimension, physical or extraphysical.

This means  that you can exteriorize your energies and do a lot of assistance to people in need, no matter where they are or who they are. It’s important to mention that the practitioner of penta receives continuous assistance from the extraphysical helpers on a long-term basis or for the rest of their life.

Penta is a kind of partnership, or work, that you assume for your whole life. It means that you will donate your best energies everyday, at the same time, for one hour.

The basic technique is: Sit down or lay down in a confortable and safe place, preferably in a room reserved for this work. Tell your family or companions that you need to stay by yourself for the next hour (because you are doing your personal energetic task of donation of energies). Work with you energies for 5 minutes (see the technique of the basic mobilization of energies) and make yourself available for donating energies.

Assistance and Extraphysical Helpers

Where there is assistance there are the helpers. The helpers will make your energies available to the ones in need, and with time and practice you will be able to perceive the different intensity and flow of energies and even the presence of your extraphysical helpers.

You might ask: Can anyone do it? Can I start tomorrow? We need to know penta is an advanced assistance technique. It’s a kind of clarification task and commitment for your life.  We need to ensure that we meet the criteria for being a penta practioner. You can read the details in the Penta Manual, written by Dr. Waldo Vieira (2011). In this manual you can find information about e.g. the technique itself, whether or not you are a potential candidate or if it’s a good moment for you to assume this task.

Last but not least, when we are open and are willing to assist others we work like an extraphysical bait. This means that we might attract or captivate the consciousnesses in need of assistance and this might demand a lot of responsible actions and thoughts from us.

So if you are available for the penta task and want to know more about it contact us at Reaprendentia.

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