Preliminaries to Astral Travel

There are several techniques for anyone interested in developing lucid and controlled astral projections or out-of-body experiences to experiment. Anyone can choose from breathing or relaxation techniques or even exercises with bioenergies. There are several techniques that you might choose from, but wherever technique you choose, there are some basic, preliminary steps that you need to consider and reflect, for instance:

1. Are you afraid of OBEs or non-physical realms? If yes, try to research, read, and reflect upon the information gathered in order to be prepared for the OBE. It is important to understand that it is not that difficult to leave the body, and many people when applying a technique they are many times suspicions about it, and instead of helping themselves in leaving the body they feel afraid because they feel something that did not experience before and they stop the technique.

2. Why do you want to leave the body, what would you do when you leave the body lucidly? This is an important analysis, for your self-research. Do you have a specific goal, or objective when leaving the body? Would you like to visit a relative of yours that have passed away? Would you like to visit a friend that lives in another country? Would you like to know a specific information about yourself? What would you like to accomplish with your out of the body experiences? Whatever goals you might have connect with them, study them, visualize them so you can facilitate your connection and have a lucid experience.

3. Are you ready to train and replicate techniques as many time as necessary to get your results? As any other intelligence you will need to apply the techniques as many times as necessary until you have a complete, full and lucid experience. It is important to mention that it is not difficult to have an astral travel, but in some cases it might take more than one trial to start getting results. Having said that, you might have your first lucid experience in the first time so get ready, but set your expectations correctly so you can maintain your motivation up and running.

So first, consider these three points above, after that, your next step is to choose your technique. In Projectiology there are many techniques that you can choose from. Waldo Vieira is the author of the book Projectiology, which is the most complete book in the world for the studies of the Out-of-body Experiences and Bioenergies, it is valid that you consider reading this book. Based on this science, there are some important steps for beginner that you might apply in order to start having your personal experiences. Please see below, how to astral project in 3 easy steps:

1º Lay down on a dorsal position on a bed (preferably) and find a good position for your physical body, using comfortable clothes, pillows. Ideally apply this technique in a room that you are by yourself, without the interference of anyone, cell phones, alarms etc;

2º With your eyes closed, start by breathing slowly and calmly and, and using your imagination and creativity, imagine yourself floating outside your body, as if you have another you laying down on the top of your physical body. On this step apply slowly, do not rush, visualize your other body in details, clothes, areas of your body, and try to feel this other body and to connect with this image;

3º Once this image is very clear and well set in your mind, now you will desire to transfer yourself from the physical body to this image. Do not contract or force anything, this movement must be done calmly and softly, so you might feel the disconnection from the physical body to this other image of yourself that is floating outside of the body.

It is important to anyone that is starting to apply astral travel techniques, a beginner, to understand each of this 3 steps must be done with time, take your time!, also in an organized way, for instance, if you are hungry and you will apply a technique, it is obvious that you need to eat first and then apply a technique, but also do not eat too much so you might fall into sleep, so this is one simple example of personal organization. So remember time and personal organization, are the two most essential aspects for anyone to develop lucid astral projections.