Astral travel is the capacity that any human being has of temporarily leaving the physical body, and experiencing life in another form and condition, where the person experiences life without the physical body, and during this experience the person can visit relatives that are still alive in the physical life or not, travel to other places and cities etc.

So astral traveling is a regular, normal, ordinary, aptitude that anyone has, but not everybody develop this type of intelligence naturally, although Projectiology has innumerous cases of students and researchers that has accounted for lucid, controlled or not experiences.

Independently if the person has astral travelling or not, anyone can develop and train to have lucid and controlled experiences, Projectiology offers a variety of projective techniques so anyone can apply and try.

For some people that have spontaneous or controlled astral travel they might experience:

  • Floating sensations above the physical body;
  • Seeing their houses and people that live with them;
  • Flying sensations;
  • Pulling sensations;
  • Vibrations;
  • Talking to people that already passed away;
  • Sensation of passing thru walls.

Most of the people that have spontaneous astral traveling they did not know anything about the phenomenon prior to their first projection and that might experience sensations and emotions that can be overwhelming, since for most of us we have not received any kind of prior education on astral traveling.

Fear, anxiety, and discomfort sometimes are feelings that people experience during its first astral traveling, mainly because the person thinks: if I left the body, this means that I have died, but when the person returns to the physical body they start understanding that what they experienced was might be simply different from dreams and definitely not death.

So beyond these feelings and emotions some people are afraid of leaving the body or afraid of astral projection and consider that it is danger to experience astral traveling. In the Projectiology book there’s a chapter about this topic since there are many people that they do not want to train astral traveling because of possible dangers.

The Projectiology studies that most of the people that go to asleep have the possibility of leave the body, so this other body called psychosoma, or emotional body, while disconnected from the physical body remains laying down above the psychical body in a sleeping mode. So why does this happen? Why when we leave the body we continue sleeping outside the body? The answers to these questions is because we were trained since we were very young, per our parents or relatives that anytime that we go to sleep that nothing will happen, that we will blackout, there will be no activity, no action, no lucidity, we might dream, but that’s all.
So we had a kind of hypnosis over us for several years and now that we are willing to have more lucidity and awareness while leaving the body we can’t because we connect: sleep time to blackout, which should be the opposite.

And when we do have lucidity and start leaving the body, fear and anxiety might arrive, because this is something new that we have never experienced before, and also there’s a question which is a very important one: if we do leave the body, and we can return naturally to the physical body, then the astral travel is an answer to the condition that we do not die, that we exist after death.

So if we leave the body each night, and we return to the physical body each morning, and we are doing this since we are a child, there’s no danger in leaving the body. This is something natural, which is part of our essence, condition and nature, the only needs to be studied.
The only possible danger that some people consider is the amount of emotions such as surprise, excitement, fear, worry, concern that one might have while outside the body and we need to explain that correctly. See, if you leave the body using another body that functions essentially on the homeostasis or balance of emotions, once we increase the amount of emotions and all these emotions take over our personal process of thoughts and control, then we return immediately to the physical body, and most likely with taquicardya, meaning our heart beating extremely fast.

A challenge for any projector or anyone that wants to have a lucid astral travel is to control its own emotions in order to last longer outside the body. Another aspect that is important to mention. The psychosoma has no matter, it’s light, transparent and it is possible when you are projected using this emotional body that you pass thru walls, simply because this other body has no matter, no weight. Therefore if you are using to have an astral travel a body that has no matter, how come you can be hurt? What type of danger you might experience in that sense?

Do you remember the movie What Dreams May Come? There’s a scene in this movie where Robin Williams is flying in this other dimension and it starts to fall in a very tall abyss, and then and he finally reaches the ground it is almost if the ground is fluffy. This scene is a good illustration to explain that this other body, psychosoma, different from the psychical body cannot be hurt, because there’s no matter.

So is it danger to leave the body? No. But watch out your emotions and feelings towards your experiences in order to have a lasting astral travel experience, otherwise you might leave the body and return very quickly to it.

Some preventive medicines to help us in this beginning is to read other’s people accounts so you will be more familiar to the experience. Watch movies out out-of-body experiences. Talk to people that already had personal experiences on astral traveling. Get informed so will be able to better handle any future experience that you might have.

Have a great out-of-body experiences.