Do you remember the movie X-Men?

Well, if you do, you will remember some telekinetic people, moving objects from point A to point B by only using their personal powers without touching them. Telekinesis (TK) or Psychokinesis (PK) are old types of paranormal phenomena. We say old because it has being discussed and debated over the years in many vehicles of our society: books, movies, cartoons and so on.

Telekinesis is basically a capacity that some people have of interacting and interfering with physical matter without touching it: moving objects, levitation of people, creating air currents etc. A good example of a telekinetic person is Eusapia Palladino. Ms Palladino was an Italian woman that lived from 1854 until 1918, where she could move objects such as a table and these experiences had many witnesses during the séances.

Projectiology, the science that studies many paranormal phenomena has being studying telekinesis since 1950s. Projectiology studies telekinesis, the conventional one, but also discuss a different type which comprehends an extraphysical telekinesis. This means that when people have out of body experiences they also have the capacity to leave the body and from this non-physical state they can move physical objects proving to the intraphysical people (people living in our dimension) that they are around, but they are not using the physical body.

This is actually a very good topic of research, where people can test the out of body experiences and prove to the people that this phenomenon exists, so in this case two paranormal phenomena are being simultaneously proven. Projectiology suggests that the vibrational state and exercises with bioenergies are the easiest ways to achieve and develop such paranormal phenomena.