Conscientiology Organizations with English Sites

Interassistantial Services for the Internationalization of Conscientiology – ISIC

ISIC was created to act as a means to assist the internationalization of conscientiology (the post materialist science that studies consciousness in an integral way), its scientific sub-specialities and the organizations dedicated to the development and elucidation of these sciences. Read more…

Invisible College of Parareurbanology

The Invisible College of Parareurbanology is a groupal multidimensional, supra-institutional organization, formed by researchers with a megafocus on parareurbanology, aiming for the development and dissemination of this specialty of conscientiology through research and pararesearch, debates and assiduous multidimensional, virtual and personal contacts regarding extraphysical reurbanizations. Read more…

Interparadigmas Journal

Interparadigmas is a scientific journal with annually printed and online publications. The periodical is focused on establishing proficuous debates between conscientiological and scientific paradigms, especially those based on the mind-matter dualism. The editorial board is composed by a group of PhDs, professors of different universities, volunteer researchers of Conscientiology, with an independent project: the search for a model of scientific research that allows the approach of personal extrassensorial experiences.

Other Links

International Union of Conscientiocentric Institutions – UNICIN

Full list of UNICIN affiliated Conscientiology Organizations