Our energy body – the energosoma – is a complex non-physical body that allows us to perceive, work with, and communicate through bioenergies. The energosoma is a vehicle of manifestation of the consciousness, in other words, it allows us to interact energetically with others and with the energy dimension wherever we are.

The vibrational state – or VS, for short – is a condition that we can reach with our energy body. As the name indicates, the sensation during the VS is that your whole body is vibrating, inside and out. It is a pleasant sensation and the vibration can be subtle, comparable to a cat purr or it can be very strong, comparable to a diesel engine of a bus, giving the impression that your body is shaking very rapidly, though no physical movement is happening.

In all cases the sensation is clear and objective. Our physical body is normally more relaxed when you reach this state, but some people have reported reaching this state even in stressful situations. People report reaching the VS standing up, sitting down, and in a wide variety of physical body positions.

You can reach the VS by applying a technique, using your will power. You can also experience it spontaneously, without planning or deliberately trying to reach it.

Step-by-step Vibrational State Technique

  1. Relax your physical body and try to be in a quiet frame of mind.
  2. With your will power, concentrate the energies from your own energosoma to the top of your head.
  3. Move the concentrated energies you have created downwards, towards your feet, making the energies flow through each cell of your physical body and through every area of your energosoma. When your energies reach your feet, move them back up towards your head. Keep moving your energies up and down, establishing a closed circuit of energies. Your energies will flow through your body and within the boundaries of your energy body, there is no external path or exchange of energies beyond your energosoma.
  4. Start moving your energies slowly, taking three to five seconds to go from your head to your feet. Your attention to detail is important in the initial stage. The energies will follow the focal point of your attention, so make sure you go through every area of your body. As you move your energies you may identify areas that are blocked, areas that the energies seem to skip, or where you feel less flow of energies. If that happens, focus a bit more on that particular area, apply more of your will power to unblock and activate that area of the energosoma. For more information about unblocking chakras, see this article.
  5. Increase the speed of the energies gradually. If you lose track of the movement at some point, go back to a slower pace and gradually increase the speed again. Try not to concentrate on your breathing in this exercise and try to avoid moving your eyes as you are moving the energies up and down. Your willpower should move the extraphysical energies only, not the physical body.
  6. Try to increase the speed up to the point where your whole energy body is vibrating. The movement up and down will then disappear – or become less perceivable – and your energy body will be buzzing, energized, electrified.

How to master it

For most people, relaxation goes a long way to begin perceiving the flow of energies. If this is your case, start by trying this exercise while lying down, after relaxing for about 20 minutes. A silent place and dimmed lights can help you relax.

If you think you will fall asleep within 20 minutes, set a timer to notify you after 20 minutes so you start the exercise while lucid.

A comfortable reclining chair can also be a good place to apply this technique. Wherever you start, make sure that you progressively develop the ability to apply the technique in any position: standing up, sitting down, with your legs crossed, and so on. You should also try to apply the technique with your eyes open, in noisy places, for example when on public transport, since in real life we may not always have the ideal conditions when we need the vibrational state the most. However, don’t do it while driving or performing any task where dividing your attention can lead to physical harm of you or others.

For some, silencing their thoughts can require more persistence. A vicious cycle can be established after a heated discussion: the energies remind us about the issue, then we feed the energy field around us with thoughts and emotions that will later remind us of the issue. A rational approach can be useful to determine what is bothering you and what you should do about it before attempting the vibrational state. Writing down what worries or bothers you, or a list of actions you intend to take can also help to “download” those thoughts from your mind and create a mental environment that will help when working with the energies.

It is important to try this exercise dozens of times in order to identify sensation patterns and have more objective perceptions. Most people would need 100 exercises of a few minutes each to accumulate experience with the vibrational state and get a practical understanding of the technique.

And, above all, trust yourself. The technique is relatively simple and there is no need to add complexity to it. No amount of words and technical explanations will replace self-confidence, self-motivation, willpower, persistence or determination. Reaprendentia is a non-profit organization managed and supported by volunteers. We offer information, courses, and workshops aimed at promoting personal experiences with non-physical realities and personal growth through learning. Stay in contact by signing up to our newsletter. We offer free lectures and courses regularly in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Sign up to our newsletter to know about courses in your area and be the first to know when articles are published.