Visual clairvoyance can be experienced spontaneously or at will, as is the case with most forms of psychic ability. For example, people sometimes report seeing the aura of a friend during a conversation or seeing colors around someone else’s crown chakra during a healing session.

Although positive and spontaneous clairvoyance is always welcome, most of us would like to be able to trigger those experiences at will as well. To initiate a visual clairvoyance experience, we need to find the “trigger” that starts it. It is also helpful to create conditions where initiating this “trigger” will be easier.

We, as consciousnesses, are neither made of matter nor physical energy. We use various bodies – or vehicles of manifestation – to interact with other consciousnesses and with the environment around us.

The holosoma

Throughout history several different models have been used to understand our bodies, some with up to 12 bodies and some that included different states of consciousness. In this article, I will use the model offered by conscientiology, which includes four vehicles: soma, energosoma, psychosoma, and mentalsoma.

Conscientiology is a neoscience of consciousness that seeks an in-depth understanding of evolution in multiple lives and in multiple dimensions. It also aims at creating techniques to produce personal experiences and techniques for personal growth. The model of four vehicles is known as the holosoma.

Our physical body, the soma, is the densest of all vehicles, and it allows us to interact in the physical dimension. Seeing with our physical eyes, touching an object, or smelling fresh coffee are all examples of experiences based in your soma.

Feeling the flow of energies that someone is sending to you in a healing session is a perception based in your energosoma. Although energy sensations might be described in physical terms, like “a cold breeze”, “a gentle pressure”, or “a buzzing sensation throughout my body”, those are mere analogies, a way to convey ideas when we don’t have a universal and specific vocabulary for the sensations. We feel energies (or chi) through our energosoma, a non-physical body.

An out-of-body experience is the most direct way to experience the psychosoma (or astral body). Our psychosoma is also the vehicle responsible for our visual clairvoyance perceptions.

If your goal is to see energies or someone else’s aura, you will have to identify the visual input that comes from the psychosoma. Visual clairvoyance is not experienced through your physical eyes: the images you are perceiving come from your psychosoma.

The fourth vehicle of manifestation is the mentalsoma, the body of discernment. If we need the physical body to breathe, we need the mentalsoma to think. Attention, concentration, clarity of thinking, and serenity are also associated with the mentalsoma.

The aspect of concentration is quite helpful for visual clairvoyance. Maintaining serenity is also important when you start a visual clairvoyance experience as a stronger emotional reaction may take you out of the holosomatic state that triggered it in the first place.

Misalignment of bodies

Working with your soma and energosoma is a great starting point to develop your visual clairvoyance. Relaxing your physical body will be make it easier for you to identify perceptions from your other vehicles. This is one of the reasons why understanding relaxation in practice is so important in psychic development.

Our energosoma is the connective element between the physical body and the psychosoma. To a certain extent our energy body works as the “glue” between these two bodies.

As a rule, psychic perception happens more easily when the energosoma is a bit expanded and thus binding our psychosoma less tightly to our physical body. This condition is known as misalignment of vehicles and it may feel like your body is rocking from side to side, although no physical movement is happening. You may also feel a pleasant floating sensation or a sensation of ballooning – particularly in your hands – while in the misalignment condition.

Our extraphysical senses tend to be more active while in we are in misalignment, as our psychosoma can “move around” a bit. Most techniques to reach this condition involve physical relaxation and energy work.

Psychic perception and meditation

Although most people do not use meditation as means to have psychic perception, I heard many accounts of interesting experiences with energy, visual clairvoyance, and access to non-physical dimensions that happened during meditation.

We naturally achieve a more relaxed state when we stop moving our bodies for 10 minutes or more. The effort to enter a quiet frame of mind also sharpens our senses and allows us to identify a psychic perception with greater ease.

Meditators sometimes report seeing colors and faces in front of them, with unusual clarity, even with their physical eyes completely shut.

The training of observing your thoughts passively and avoiding reactions usually helps while observing psychic perceptions. You can go deeper in a clairvoyance experience when you avoid emotional reactions. A perception that might be fleeting in other conditions would become clear and a state of serene curiosity would allow you to see more detail for longer period.

Have your own experiences

Visual clairvoyance experiences can be very clear and meaningful. Such experiences can motivate you to further investigate the universe around you and the micro-universe inside of you.

Seeing dimensions beyond the physical one can be the fuel on a journey of self-research and self-development. The engine in his journey is your capacity to choose what is important to you, your discernment.

The ability to see energies and to detect the presence of non-physical beings can give us a more complete picture in any situation, making more information available to us and potentially enhancing our ability to help others.

Visual clairvoyance is a natural ability and there is no need to believe in anything: be open to new experiences, apply techniques, and start exploring the multiple dimensions around you. Reaprendentia is a non-profit organization managed and supported by volunteers. We offer information, courses, and workshops aimed at promoting personal experiences with non-physical realities and personal growth through learning. Stay in contact by signing up to our newsletter. We offer free lectures and courses regularly in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Sign up to our newsletter to know about courses in your area and be the first to know when articles are published.