A chakra is a center of subtle energy and part of our energy body, the energosoma. Throughout history, several philosophies, mystic traditions, religions and alternative medicine frameworks include the concept of chakras, and state that chakras are connected to overall health and to the evolution of the consciousness.

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, disc, or circle. This is a reference to the shape of this subtle energy structure. Although the chakra is often depicted as a circle when drawn on a piece of paper, accounts of chakras seen through clairvoyance describe it as a cone with the tip close to the skin of a person.

Are chakras real?

As non-physical structures, chakras belong to the extraphysical dimension. This means that you would not be able to feel a chakra using your physical senses such as e.g. touch or sight.

Chakras are real, but detecting the existence of a chakra involves the ability to perceive your own bioenergies (subtle energies) through a form of psychic ability. This can be achieved without belief, rituals, or innate skills. As it is the case of any human ability, you can learn to perceive and learn how to work with your chakras. All it takes is a bit of theory, technique, and persistence.

Where are the chakras on the body?

The number of chakras and their position varies considerably depending on which source you are consulting.

In conscientiology, a neoscience of consciousness, the model adopted includes 7 main chakras while acknowledging that the number of chakras can be in the order of tens of thousands when counting the secondary and peripheral ones.

The 7 main chakras are:

  1. Coronochakra (or crown chakra)
  2. Frontochakra (or third eye)
  3. Laryngochakra (or throat chakra)
  4. Cardiochakra (or heart chakra)
  5. Splenochakra (or spleen chakra)
  6. Umbilicochakra  (or solar plexus)
  7. Sexochakra (or root chakra)

Three Secondary Chakras:

  1. Nuchalchakra
  2. Palmchara
  3. Solechakra (pre-kundalini)

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How to feel your own chakras

To be able to feel your own chakras, you need to develop the ability to detect non-physical sensations. Those sensations may be very subtle at first, you may doubt or second-guess your own perceptions in the beginning of your psychic development and wonder if what you are feeling is physical or not.

A strategy that helps is to reduce physical stimuli by relaxing your physical body as much as possible, trying to stop all physical movement for ten minutes or more. Physical relaxation will make it easier for you to detect stimuli from your energosoma.

Pulsation, tingling, and “electricity” associated to a specific area are some of the words people use to describe what they feel when a specific chakra is active. Those sensations can be very clear and very intense, to the point that they can feel almost physical.

Perceiving your chakras is a subjective experience, something you cannot demonstrate to someone else. You can, however, describe the sensations you had, paying attention to the details, and compare it with other people’s experiences and perceptions.

A practical exercise with chakras

Find a place where you can lay down alone and undisturbed for a half-hour. Turn off your phone, close your eyes, and find a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths in the beginning of the exercise, this can help to start the relaxation process. Stretching and a warm bath are also recommended if you need extra help to reach deeper relaxation.

If you are familiar with the closed circuit of energies and the vibrational state, spend at least five minutes working on it. Otherwise simply relax, try to get into a quiet frame of mind for about ten minutes.

When you feel that your body is relaxed, concentrate your attention on the frontochakra, the area at the bottom of your forehead, close to the point between your eyebrows. Try to focus exclusively on this area and avoid thinking about anything else. The idea is to gather more of your own energies in the frontochakra and to trigger non-physical sensations that are intense enough for you to detect.

Stay on this chakra for about three minutes. After that, move to the throat chakra and repeat the process. Try to identify your sensations and make mental notes of what you are perceiving.

Do not worry too much if you don’t feel much or doubt your sensations, simply be open to the experience and allow yourself to deepen the relaxation and connect with your psychic ability. With time and practice you will accumulate experience and have perceptions that are very clear, very different from physical sensations, and that cannot be explained in physical terms.

Continue and complete the following sequence:

  1. Frontochakra (third eye)
  2. Laryngochrakra (throat chakra)
  3. Cardiochakra (heart chakra)
  4. Left hand palmchakra
  5. Right hand palmchakra
  6. Coronochakra (crown chakra)

Try to identify the difference in sensations between chakras, and see which ones you can perceive more. After the exercise, write a detailed report of your experience, noting the initial conditions and anything you think could have affected your ability to connect to non-physical dimensions.

Do not believe, experience

A chakra can be the first step to understanding your condition as a consciousness that can interact in multiple dimensions, including extraphysical ones. One vivid experience is worth more than a thousand hours of reading about chakras, so make sure you include practical exercises in your routine.

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