Projectiology is a science dedicated to the phenomenon of the out-of-body experience or astral travel, so it enlightens, clarifies, describe in details what is astral projection, Bioenergies, other dimensions and realms, other lives and so on. Astral projection is a phenomenon also called: astral travelling, out-of-body experience, unveiling, disconnection of bodies, mystical voyage, and several others.

Projectiology uses the term projection of the consciousness to describe astral projection, because the idea is to explain and define the phenomenon exactly as it is, meaning, when we leave the body there’s a projection (transferring) of ourselves, our consciousness from the physical body to the non-physical body, so it is in fact a projection of ourselves, a projection of the consciousness.

So astral projection or projection of the consciousness is when we disconnect our non-physical body or also called psychosoma (emotional body) from the connection of the physical body and then we exist temporarily in other dimensions, until we return to the physical body and reconnect into this material dimension. This is a phenomenon that most of people can produce during the sleeping time, during the night time, but normally you will not remember the event, simply because there’s a self-hypnosis.

So you might ask: Self-hypnosis? Yes. Since we are very young we think, believe and we were taught by our parents, relatives that sleep equals to black out, or to an unconscious event. We go to bed, close our eyes and we only have lucidity when we open our eyes in the morning, so nothing happens during the night. But in fact with the right training and study you can transform these unconscious experiences, and self-hypnosis, into lucid and controlled experiences.

The development of lucid astral projections is a matter of developing a new intelligence. As there are people that know how to play piano, there are people that are capable of controlling astral traveling, fully, at its 100%.

So in a nutshell astral projection can be controlled by your will and decision and you can also remember the moment of your disconnection from the physical body to the end of the experience when you reconnect into your body again or more technically speaking from the lifting off of the psychosoma to the return or reconnection of the psychosoma into the physical body.

An important aspect is that some people already experience astral projections in a lucid or semi-lucid way but because they do not know that much about this subject they confuse this experience with ordinary dreams. So next time that you have experiences such as: a more vivid or lucid dream about a relative or someone that you know, or a dream that you can control, a dream that has beginning, middle and end, or a dreams in color, any of these experiences might be a lucid or semi-lucid astral projection.

Projectiology advises any interested person in developing lucid astral projection to start a diary, or a projective diary. A projective diary is a notebook where you will write there any experience that you might have during the night that you consider relevant for your studies and self-research. So each morning when you wake up, write any idea that comes to your mind, even if you considered these ideas, confused or illogical. With time, you might see logic in these ideas, and with time you will find yourself having more logical and organized experiences, therefore you will be able to have more lucid astral travelling.
Astral projections or astral traveling might be experienced in three basic types, (1) spontaneous: meaning that it happens without any previous arrangements, techniques or previous knowledge, (2) forced: near-death experiences, where it occurs while you are in a coma for instance, or (3) provoked at your will: which is the type that Projectiology motivates anyone to develop, since you will be the one deciding and controlling the entire process and based on your will and decision.

The personal development of astral projections offers several benefits for the projector and elucidates to anyone that experiences this phenomenon that we are not, only, the physical body, and that we exists beyond this life, so just by looking at this benefit it will generate in the projector a whole new perspective in life, relationships, life goals etc.

Astral projections or projections of the consciousness can be produced and provoked at your will by using and applying specific techniques. Projectiology has several options of techniques for you to try and apply.

Any serious practitioner of astral projection will try as many techniques as necessary in order to find which technique offers more results for your personal case. So there’s no universal technique, a technique that works for everyone, by applying techniques the person will be able to find a technique that it is better connected to the person’s personality and it is the key technique to develop astral projection.

Another tip on how to experience astral projection is to read a book that contains accounts of people that had these experiences, so you can analyze and study possible cases and scenarios. By reading experiences from other people you might feel more comfortable and at easy and it develops a more familiarity helping you to de-dramatize this experience and motivating you to have your own.

Authors such Waldo Vieira, Robert Monroe and William Buhlman, have written books regarding their personal experiences, these books are a great reading material. In Conscientiology and Projectiology there’s the Disbelief Principle which says: Do not believe in anything, experiment, have your own experiences, so while reading any book apply this principle in order to understand thru your own experiences what astral projection really is.

Each of us will evolve and mature one day or another. Astral traveling helps us to accelerate this personal evolution since we will understand the true nature of our reality, as multidimensional consciousness, it is smart to feed your personal curiosity by reading, researching and experiencing, this is the path towards a lucid evolution.