The answer to this question is quite extensive, and the reason is simple. There are many other questions that need to be answered before we can properly answer this one; for instance, why do we have helpers (guardian angels) in the first place? By understanding why we have helpers we can better understand why they help us.

Let’s start with why we have guardian angels, why do they visit us? Guardian angel can be a popular title or name for a type of consciousness studied in Conscientiology called Helper. A Helper is a positive, more evolved and assistantial person, or a consciousness, that is not in this physical dimension at the moment.

In order for us to have a face-to-face meeting with a helper, the best alternative is to have a lucid out-of-body experience or astral travel. Some people might feel their presence, others see them via clairvoyance and or receive ideas via intuition, but their intention and objective is simply to help, assist, support and guide others towards a better quality of life in terms of evolution.

Helpers are consciousnesses that promote lucid evolution, and help people accomplish their life mission or existential program.

Helpers are around us. First because they have a karmic connection with us. Helpers are part of our evolutionary family, they know us, they are old friends of ours. We had previous lives with them and somehow they evolved faster than us, so today they can provide a better perspective in life, stronger energies and inspirations, and support in any endeavor that we might be needing assistance.

They help us because they want to help their evolutionary group to evolve. Second, we have guardian angels, helpers or guides because we could be responsible for some tasks in this life that they might consider relevant for a bigger group of people, and therefore they want to be part of this project so they help us to help others.

Helpers are involved in assistantial activities that benefit a larger number of people, and if you are involved you might receive assistance.

A third possibility is that helpers see the need to help us because we asked for help. We need and asked for help, and somehow we connect to some helpers who are present in our lives for a period of time helping and guiding us and our decisions.

Furthermore, helpers want to alleviate suffering, anger, antagonisms  and discordance between people. They are peaceful, they want reconciliation, they do not want people to waste time and energies repeating older behaviors from previous lives. Their presence help us to sustain changes and to improve our lives. They want people to improve relationships and to build stronger, healthy and positive links with other consciousnesses so more people can benefit from a more harmonic environment.

Therefore angels, guides or helpers visit us because they see the need, the request or the timing to make a positive influence and help as many people as possible in the process.

Assistantiology is one of Conscientiology specialties. It researches assistantial processes and paths that people take in order to help oneself and others, as well as any positive contribution from helpers in our lives. There are many articles and entries in the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology that you might read to improve the level of information on helpers and assistance.

Why do guardian angels leave us?

Do you think that it is possible that sometimes we do not have any person helping us from any dimension? This is another interesting point about helpers. If helpers want us to evolve in a more positive and lucid way, but we do not want that, do you think they force us to evolve? No, they don’t.

Helpers do not force, demand or insist that we evolve or make the right decisions. They are available, but if our thoughts, sentiments and energies are leading us to a not so cosmoethical or evolutionary path, sometimes it is hard, even impossible for them to help.

One of the principles of assistance is: if you do not want to be helped, you will not be. A helper does not force; if there’s a consciousness forcing you to make a decision, this is not a helper, it might be a blind guide. So they might leave us simply because we do not feel the need of receiving any assistance.

Another possibility is that if we only think about us, if we are egocentric, if we want to manipulate people for our own benefit, these types of postures do not allow the helpers to connect to us.

Think about this, helpers are positive, assistantial and have quite a strong will power and energies, but if we, the ones receiving the assistance, have an opposite type of energy, we might be the ones isolating the helpers or preventing the helpers to connect to us.

Why do guardian angels let bad things happen to us

On the same note, some students ask us, why do guardian angels let bad things happen to us? Our way of thinking is interesting…why do we assume that helpers are allowing or not, or somehow controlling our lives? Helpers are more spectators, observers. When they see that they can help and we need and want help there’s a perfect combination, so they can help. But they also want us to learn, evolve and experience things by ourselves. So if something bad happened to us, don’t automatically assume that you do not have helpers, but think that this is something that you need to learn in order to became stronger!

Helpers are always available, but we need to learn how to connect to them. They want to help us to evolve, so we can become helpers of others.

Would you like to become a helper? This is a great evolutionary goal! Ask us how!

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