An aura is an energy field that emits from all life. You can see it around people, plants, and animals and you can also see your own aura. Auras become visible when you activate your visual clairvoyance.

Visual clairvoyance is a form of psychic ability. It gives access to a reality beyond the physical body and physical matter. Think of it as your vision beyond the physical vision, or your paravision. It will enable you to see bioenergies (chi, prana), chakras, and people currently in the period between one life and the next (spirits or souls in other dimensions).

Seeing an aura can happen spontaneously during a conversation with a friend or coworker or in a quiet setting, like while reading a book. You may even detect, in the corner of your eye, the movement of a soul  or spirit passing. You may not even realize that you had access to your own paravision and interrupt the experience by rubbing your eyes, blinking intensely, or shaking your head and looking again. The second look will rarely confirm your initial perception.

With a bit of technique and disciplined practice, however, we can learn to seize those moments when our paravision starts spontaneously and go deeper into the experience instead of interrupting it.

Anyone Can Do It

Triggering visual clairvoyance is a skill and, as such, it can be learned and perfected when we apply ourselves. Learning psychic ability may sound odd if you subscribe to the idea that it is a “gift”, that you are born with or that it only develops if you have a near death experience. But that’s not the case: I myself started with zero ability and learned ways to trigger my own visual clairvoyance through various techniques.

My interest in psychic ability was driven by curiosity and dissatisfaction with the life plan that seemed to be accepted by everyone around me: study, get a job, pay bills, save for retirement, raise kids, plant a tree, and so on. I did not see those things as bad, but it felt like something was missing. I was intrigued, interested in knowing if there was anything else “out there”.

I focused on energy work for a while and slowly started to practice clairvoyance techniques. My psychic ability didn’t come easily. I remember being in group exercises where everyone would see something beyond the physical dimension and I was the only one that did not. Eventually I had some success, which motivated me to go further, and I became a volunteer to non-profit organizations dedicated to consciousness studies and later started teaching.

I started to validate the theories with my own experience. I was able to accumulate personal evidence that I am a consciousness and will continue to exist when my body dies. A wider array of experiences helped me see I am connected to others in a cause-and-effect web through a series of lives.

Having a perspective that included multiple lives and multiple dimensions helped me recognize elements of my life’s plan and to refocus on a key long-term objective: evolving as a consciousness.

Visual clairvoyance is an accessible route to evolution, one that grants you access to interesting experiences while keeping you  in control of the whole process.

Clairvoyance Technique

If you would like to try it yourself, here is a step-by-step technique to see your own aura:

  1. Lie down in a comfortable position, rest with you head on two stacked pillows so you can see the tip of your toe in a relaxed gaze, without having to look up or down. Lights should be off, and the room should be in a penumbra, with minimal light, but not completely dark.
  2. Start with your eyes closed and allow yourself to relax for about ten minutes. If you use a timer to help you, make sure that the ring will not take you out of the relaxation state and that you can switch it off without moving your body too much.
  3. Try to tune into your energy body and your chakras.
  4. Focus on your frontochakra, the chakra at the base of your forehead, between your eyebrows. Gather energies in this chakra for about ten seconds, then exteriorize those energies in a strong flow for about three seconds. The energies you gather and exteriorize are from your own energosoma. Try to make your energy reach about two or three feet from your forehead (about one metre). Pause for a few seconds then repeat: gather energies, then exteriorize. Repeat this cycle twenty times.
  5. Open your eyes and look at the tip of your toe.
  6. Keep your gaze on this spot throughout the exercise and avoid moving your body. It is useful to avoid blinking or to try to blink in the gentlest way possible. Some people prefer to keep their eyes partially shut to make blinking less frequent.
  7. Try to change the focal point of your vision to different points along the line between your toe and your eyes. You should do that without moving your eyes, it should be as if you were attempting to see a dust speckle  at specific point on the line I just mentioned.

Exploring non-physical dimensions

Perceptions reported in exercises like this include seeing colors, bright spots moving at random, a fog in front of you, and a bright envelope around your own body. Tingling, pressure and bubbling in your forehead are also typical sensations, and there are countless others reported, so make sure you make notes after the exercise to identify your own sensation patterns. Sensations around the forehead are usually a sign that your frontochakra is activating.

Visual clairvoyance is an excellent tool for exploring  non-physical dimensions. It will open a wide array of possibilities and will help you validate theories with personal experiences. It will enrich your life and ultimately help you answer one of the most important questions: what is this physical life for? Reaprendentia is a non-profit organization managed and supported by volunteers. We offer information, courses, and workshops aimed at promoting personal experiences with non-physical realities and personal growth through learning. Stay in contact by signing up to our newsletter. We offer free lectures and courses regularly in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Sign up to our newsletter to know about courses in your area and be the first to know when articles are published.

Photo by Chad Madden