How can I see auras?

Auras are often a topic of a conversation that involves the development of the psychism. People ask how can I see auras, is it easy, does anyone can see it? So there are several questions and doubts about auras and field of energies.

To start this explanation, it is important to mention that everyone has a field of energy around them, that surrounds them and that derives from the inner bioenergetic field or body of energies that each human being has. So aura is an extension of our own energies that is inside of our physical body.

Then, aura equals to energies, and from these energies other people can observe, capture, grab, information about us, so the energies from the aura has information about us, information related to our life, emotional aspects, health conditions and so on.

So aura equals in fact, to information. Energies have information. Projectiology presents the theory of the thosene, which is a word that combines: thoughts, sentiments and energies. In any area of our lives, manifestation, personality, actions we combine these three aspects. Therefore our auras have a piece of all that we are experiencing at that moment.

The readings of the auras are possible exactly because there are information and emotions in this external field of energies. The more affinity you have with the person that you are trying to see the aura or to read the aura the easier it will be.

There are two ways of connecting to someone’s aura: reading or seeing. The easiest and most common type is the reading of other’s people auras. In a day to day life we have energetic or auric connection with other people’s auras and energies all the time, it might be on the streets, supermarkets, tube, buses, work place etc. We exchange energies to any person, animal, or nature that you coexist with.

Normally this reading of other people’s aura or energies happens automatically, instantaneously, naturally. When talking to someone, suddenly you might start feeling something different than what you were feeling before, it might be a good or bad thought or sensation. Some people mention that after they talked to a friend that they met on the street that started to have a headache, so what happened there?

If you want to become a professional, technical, lucid psychic person, you need to understand the basics of how the energetic system that we have works! And the example that you have above is exactly this basic understanding, the 101 on energies. Anytime we connect to a person we might grab or connect with the energies of the person that came from the aura, so here is a basic idea on energies exchange.

So there are positive connections or negative connections, and the repercussions rise from there. A simple reading of the auras is to check, after you finish talking to someone, how you feel, this is already a start for us to see how the connection with that person was. Here we go back to the idea that the more you know the other person, the easier is for us to connect and to go deeper on the understanding and reading of these energies, and also to see the aura of the person.

How to see the auras is another chapter of this topic. Since it requires what is called clairvoyance, and which is another paranormal phenomenon. So, anyone can see auras, Reaprendentia has several techniques to teach you in case that you would like to develop this specific ability.



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