How to See your Own Aura

As it is the case in most forms of psychic ability, seeing an aura (visual clairvoyance) can be experienced spontaneously or at will. People sometimes report seeing the aura of a friend during a conversation or seeing colors around someone else’s crown chakra during a healing session, for example.
Although positive and spontaneous clairvoyance is always welcome, most of us would like to be able to trigger those experiences at will as well. To initiate a visual clairvoyance experience we need to find the “trigger” that starts it. It is also helpful to create conditions where operating this “trigger” will be easier.
Having techniques that you can apply on your own is very useful in clairvoyance development: coordinating schedules with others becomes unnecessary and it makes it easier to try it at 3AM, for example.
The technique presented in this article is one of these “solo” techniques.

Relax into Misalignment of Vehicles

Relaxing your physical body and working with your bioenergies (chi, prana) are great ways to start your visual clairvoyance development.
By relaxing your physical body, you will make it easier for you to identify perceptions from your subtle, non-physical bodies. This is one of the reasons why relaxation is so important in psychic development.
Our energy body (energosoma) is the connection element between the physical body and the psychosoma (or astral body). To a certain extent, our energy body works as the “glue” between these two bodies.
As a rule, psychic perception happens more easily when the energosoma is a bit expanded and binding our psychosoma a bit less tightly to our physical body. This condition is known as misalignment of vehicles and it may feel like your body is rocking side to side, although no physical movement is happening. You may also feel a pleasant floating sensation or a sensation of ballooning – particularly in your hands – while in the misalignment condition.
Our extraphysical senses tend to be more active while in this misalignment condition, as our psychosoma can “move around” a little. Most techniques to reach this condition involve physical relaxation and energy work.

Third Eye (Frontochakra) Activation Technique

The first technique I will present is focused on unblocking and activating the frontochakra, a chakra closely related to visual clairvoyance. The steps are as follows:

  1. Lie down in a comfortable position, rest with you head on two stacked pillows so you can see the tip of your toe in a relaxed gaze, without having to look up or down. Lights should be off, and the room should be in a penumbra, with minimal light, but not completely dark.
  2. Start with your eyes closed and allow yourself to relax for about ten minutes. If you use a timer to help you know when the initial ten minutes passed, make sure that the ring will not take you out of the relaxation state and that you can switch it off without moving your body too much.
  3. Try to tune into your energy body and your chakras.
  4. Focus on your frontochakra, the chakra at the base of your forehead, between your eyebrows. Gather energies in this chakra for about ten seconds, then exteriorize those energies in a strong flow for about three seconds. The energies you gather and exteriorize are from your own energosoma. Try to make your energy reach about two or three feet from your forehead (about one meter). Pause for a few seconds then repeat: gather energies, then exteriorize. Repeat this cycle twenty times.

Tingling, pressure, bubbling in your forehead are typical sensations during this exercise, but there are countless sensations that people report, so make your notes after the exercise to identify your own sensation patterns. Sensations around the forehead are usually a sign that your frontochakra is activating.

Technique to See our Own Aura

You can then move on to the second technique: try to see your own energies, your own aura, looking from inside your own energy field. The steps:

  1. Open your eyes and look at the tip of your toe.
  2. Keep your gaze on this spot throughout the exercise and avoid moving your body. It is useful to avoid blinking or to try to blink in the gentlest way possible. Some people prefer to keep their eyes partially shut to make blinking less frequent.
  3. Try to change the focal point of your vision to different points along the line between your toe and your eyes. You should do that without moving your eyes, it would be as if you were attempting to see a dust speckle in a specific point in the line I just mentioned.

You may see a bright contour around your own foot or other areas of your body, which is your own energosoma. It is also common to see colors above your chest and waist area, which would be the visual clairvoyance of your own energy field, or aura.

Have your own experiences

Visual clairvoyance experiences can be very clear and meaningful. Such experiences can motivate you to further investigate the universe around you and the micro-universe inside of you.
Seeing dimensions beyond the physical one can be the fuel on a journey of self-research and self-development. The engine is your capacity to choose what is important to you, your discernment.
The ability to see energies and to detect the presence of non-physical beings can give us a more complete picture in any situation, making more information available to us and potentially enhancing our ability to help others.
Visual clairvoyance is a natural ability and there is no need to believe in anything: be open to new experiences, apply techniques, and start exploring the multiple dimensions around us. Reaprendentia is a non-profit organization managed and supported by volunteers. We offer information, courses, and workshops aimed at promoting personal experiences with non-physical realities and personal growth through learning. Stay in contact by signing up to our newsletter. We offer free lectures and courses regularly in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Sign up to our newsletter to know about courses in your area and be the first to know when articles are published.



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